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Client Testimonials

I love my Dual sunglasses. I wanted to thank you for building a great and high quality product. Last year I crashed hard while wearing my Dual sunglasses. I landed face first on a guard rail breaking my jaw, teeth and severely lacerating my face. But my Dual glasses stayed intact and did not shatter, thereby saving my eye and eye socket from any serious damage. It has been 10 months and I am still healing but I thank you folks at Dual for saving me from more irreparable damage. Attached is a picture of my Dual glasses after my crash. Keep up the great work.

Allen, Overland Park, KS

I am an eye surgeon but suffer the ravages of aging just like anyone else. I had always enjoyed perfect distance vision but can't see a dang thing now up close. I had tried some ""press-on"" reading add segments on some regular sunglasses, but was extremely dissatisfied with the discoloration over time and especially the distortion of the optics. I recently purchased the Dual Eyewear glasses with cycling in mind, but I use them now all the time. What a great product and at a great price.

James H. Johnson

Did a 65 mile ride today in bright sunlight for the first time wearing my new Dual SL2s. Wow! is all I can say. They performed better than my other similar styled eyewear that cost 4x more, except I can clearly read my Garmin with the SL2s! I am going to order a second pair in Brown. Dual Eyewear is now a standard part of my cycling kit.

Keith, Aliso Viejo, CA