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  • "I love my Dual sunglasses. I wanted to thank you for building a great and high quality product. Last year I crashed hard while wearing my Dual sunglasses. I landed face first on a guard rail breaking my jaw, teeth and severely lacerating my face. But my Dual glasses stayed intact and did not shatter, thereby saving my eye and eyI thought I would drop you a line to tell you how grateful I am of your sunglasses. They are a Godsend for officiating. Now that I have had a race day to prove them, I am a big fan. I have also had a chance to use them on the motorcycle and now I can read the maps and my phone's face too. It is such a pleasure to see a simple idea put to such practical usee socket from any serious damage. It has been 10 months and I am still healing but I thank you folks at Dual for saving me from more irreparable damage. Attached is a picture of my Dual glasses after my crash. Keep up the great work."

    - Allen, Overland Park, KS (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "Test report and testimonial on the Dual Q9 sunglasses. By: Richard Rokos, Head Coach of the Colorado University Alpine Ski Team. -Six NCAA Championships -11 NCAA West Regional Championships -175 All-Americans -32 Individual National Champions

  • Great for Alpine skiing! Tested in temps -30F to 32F over a period of 40 days. Due to the fact that the Q9 frame, fitted with the wind gasket and head strap, fit and feel similar to swimming goggles, there is zero air turbulence which is a very desirable phenomenon. With the strap being inside the helmet, they fit any type of head protection gear, contrary to classic goggles which sometime are not compatible. In temperatures higher than 32F I got a small foggy spot on the right lens. Left stayed clear! After removing the wind gasket, the foggy spot disappeared even when working in 32+ temperatures. Our Nordic coach tested the sunglasses during a 10K race, perspiring profusely. No gasket, no fog.

  • The tint on the lenses defines the terrain even when lighting is flat or foggy, a little too dark for dusk. The reading portions on the lenses are low enough to not create any problem if watching straight forward. However changing the angle of vision (straight/down/straight) created a little feeling of dizziness but this disappeared after the eyes adapted to the lens technology. The reading portion of the lenses works great when working on the cell phone (text/email) while riding on the lift. This gives coaches extra time to conduct business. Great also for checking the time or adjusting personal equipment. This is an absolutely fantastic benefit for us.

  • The biggest advantage of “Dual” is that we (coaches) conduct most (if not all) of our business on the hill. With the new timing technology (split time website), we can follow the whole race on the hill on our phones. The result of the race run is posted and available on the website immediately after the racer passes the finish line. That way the coach on the hill is immediately informed about the racer’s time and position in the race and can evaluate his performance, correct, or set a new strategy for the second run. Before “Dual”; guys like me, had to put on reading glasses before we looked at the phone, otherwise we would not be able to read the small text. Then, anytime we tried to watch the action on the hill, we had to remove the glasses because we could not see at distance with the reading glasses on. Dual solved the problem. Having them also as shades, is icing on the cake:) No more hassle!!!

  • "I am an eye surgeon but suffer the ravages of aging just like anyone else. I had always enjoyed perfect distance vision but can't see a dang thing now up close. I had tried some ""press-on"" reading add segments on some regular sunglasses, but was extremely dissatisfied with the discoloration over time and especially the distortion of the optics. I recently purchased the Dual Eyewear glasses with cycling in mind, but I use them now all the time. What a great product and at a great price.

    - James H. Johnson, M.D., Medical Director, Vitreous Floater Solutions, Irvine, CA (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "Did a 65 mile ride today in bright sunlight for the first time wearing my new Dual SL2s. Wow! is all I can say. They performed better than my other similar styled eyewear that cost 4x more, except I can clearly read my Garmin with the SL2s! I am going to order a second pair in Brown. Dual Eyewear is now a standard part of my cycling kit."

    - Keith, Aliso Viejo, CA (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "I thought I would drop you a line to tell you how grateful I am of your sunglasses. They are a Godsend for officiating. Now that I have had a race day to prove them, I am a big fan. I have also had a chance to use them on the motorcycle and now I can read the maps and my phone's face too. It is such a pleasure to see a simple idea put to such practical use."

  • "I am also pleased with the general quality and the optics are surprisingly good if you consider what some of your competition charges for polycarbonate lenses."

    - Michael Shea, UCI International Commissaire. Victoria, BC. (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "I used my glasses for the first time as a motomarshal for the U.S Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado. The tint was good for all the lighting conditions I encountered..very cloudy to bright sunshine. I found the clarity of the lens to be excellent and the crisp view through the bifocals made viewing vital speed and odometer information so much easier. The fit around my nose was very comfortable and to top it all off, the stylish frames are just great. I cannot think of a single reason why a motorcyclist or bicyclist or anybody with a need for close up vision assistance would not want a pair of these."

    - Jeffery Martin, Moto services staff, Arroyo Grande, CA (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "I'm not prone to writing testimonials unless fellow consumers need to be warned of a faulty product. I bought a pair of SL2s last week, and can already say that they are PERFECT. The frames are well made. The optics and tint are clear and pleasant. What I most appreciate is the shape and location of the magnified section. Unlike other bifocal lenses, these are perfect for cycling. For example, when looking backwards, the hot spot tucks nicely below your shoulder causing no distortion of the long view. I also use a computer and bar end mirror which now seem to be in HD ! A great enhancement to my biking experience in both safety and comfort. Well done Dual - thanks."

    - Joel, Norwood CO. (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "Hi, just a note to say how great those glassed are. Got the SL2 and they work super; I can read my computer for the first time in a long time. I will definitely be telling lots of people about your product. Thanks for the wonderful product."

    - Dan, Elyria OH. (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "Very likely the best fifty dollars I’ve ever spent on anything cycling related."

    - Thomas, Athens GA . (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "I recently bought a pair and wore them for the first time this weekend. Loved them! They fit great, the lenses were sharp and clear--and the 2.0 magnification was spot on. Unfortunately, I lost them at a rest stop on our ride. So I'm ordering a new pair!"

    - Dave, Pennsauken NJ (Comment through Dual's shopping cart)
  • "My experience was outstanding! Dual did everything that they said they would do and more. They helped me with shipping so that I could get the glasses before a trip that was just around the corner. I was so impressed that I bought two additional pairs immediately. One for my wife and a back up pair for myself. Way to go Dual Eyewear!"

    - Jim, Senoia GA (Rating through Dual's shopping cart)
  • "I wanted to drop a line about your product. I have just received the V6 Sunglasses in 2.0 lens, smoke in color. I am extremely happy with your product and can not believe the value for the money spent on this product. These are a high quality sunglass that compares with any of the over-priced Cycling Sunglasses (Rudy, Smith, Oakley etc). I am very please and will tell everyone on my cycling team and at the races about your product. I plan on buying another pair , the SL2, in the very near future. I can not believe how clear and sharp the lenses are on a $50 product. Thanks for making such a great product."

    - Dave, Newark DE (Unsolicited e-mail)
  • "As a reading glass wearer I bought a pair of these and I LOVE them. I was very surprised by the high quality of the optics, especially given the low price. FYI I am in no way affiliated with the company."

    - (Comment posted in Velo News' web review.)
  • "I just got mine today and they are constructed nicely and fit very well; my standard has always been that glasses shouldn't rattle loose even in a bumpy criterium, and these fit that bill and they are manufactured like glasses that cost in the hundreds. Just get used to the little transition where the bi-focal starts because there is nothing worse than being hypoxic at 330 watts and that wheel in front of you is a distorted mirage."

    - (Comment posted in Velo News' web review.)